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Internet Discussion / Email Listservs

Do you have an internet discussion forum? How do I join?

Newsletter / Email notification

All members of the Legal Writing Institute are added to LWI-NET-L, a one-way e-mail distribution list. LWI-NET-L is used to distribute information to LWI members; it is not a discussion forum.

Internet Discussion List

The LRWPROF-L listserv is a closed discussion list intended to provide a forum in which scholars and teachers of legal writing can discuss topics in their field. Only professional teachers of legal writing are eligible to join the listserv. Information on subscribing to LRWPROF-L is available here.

How do I remove my name from the listserv?

Step-by-step instructions for activities like updating your e-mail address, changing to a digest delivery, and unsubsribing are available here.

Online Resources

What teaching resources do you have available on the website?

The website has several "banks" of information available including a syllabus bank, idea bank, and a bank of grading rubrics.

The Syllabus Bank currently has syllabi available to review for advanced legal writing courses. Syllabi for first-year courses and for three-semester courses will be available in the future.

The Idea Bank is a password-protected bank and includes resources for Legal Writing professors such as writing and analysis exercises, teaching ideas, and documents (including model answers) used for large writing assignments (memorandum, brief, and drafting problems)

The Grading Rubric Banks contains rubrics for Memos, Client Letters, Trial Briefs, Appellate Briefs, and Miscellaneous documents.

Do you have any resources that address plagiarism?

Yes. The website offers a broad range of materials addressing plagiarism, including rules, exercises for teaching about plagiarism, and links to online resources.

How do I access the password-protected banks?

Access to the Idea Bank is limited to those who submit documents and professors in their first year of teaching Legal Writing. Those who submit documents will receive a password following each biennial LWI conference.  For questions about the idea bank, including questions regarding passwords, please contact Sabrina DeFabritiis.

Employment Listings

Are Legal Writing job openings posted?

Yes, current employment opportunities are available online.


What conferences are held that focus on Legal Writing topics?

LWI has a biennial conference, read more here.
View a list of conferences related to Legal Writing.

Where can I find out about the LWI Conference?

The 16th Biennial Conference of the Legal Writing Institute will take place in the summer of 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


What publications are associated with the Legal Writing Institute?

The Second Draft is the newsletter of the Legal Writing Institute and is published twice each year.

The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute is a peer-edited journal that is typically published in the fall of each year.

Membership In LWI

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone who is interested in legal writing or the teaching of legal writing may join the Institute. The Board of Directors may establish other membership criteria and requirements in the future. Currently, no dues are required for membership.

How do I join?

Information on joining LWI is available here.

How do I update my contact information with LWI?

If you are an existing LWI member, please click here to update your contact information.



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