Legal Writing Scholarship Grants

LWI and ALWD select recipients of competitive scholarship grants.

These grants, which are also funded through generous donations by LexisNexis, reflect the three organizations’ commitment to the professional development of legal research and writing professionals.

Recipients are full-time or adjunct professors teaching legal writing who demonstrate great promise in their pursuit of a particular scholarly project. Any full time or adjunct professor of legal writing may apply, though the dollar amount of the grant could depend on the successful applicant’s ability to obtain scholarship stipends at his or her home school.

 2015 LWI-ALWD-LexisNexis Scholarship Grants

The Boards of Directors of LWI and ALWD are pleased to announce that the grant winners and names of the proposals for 2015 are as follows:

Deborah Borman, De-grading Assessment: Rejecting Rubrics in Favor of Authentic Analysis

Jennifer Cooper, Making It Stick for Law Students: The Science of Successful Learning In Law School

Mark Osbeck, Research Memoranda, Data Analytics, and the Future of Case Forecasting

Linda Shashoua, In Defense of Deference, Appellate Review In the Modern Video Age


Prior Recipients

The following people have received scholarships over the past few years. Please feel free to contact them for advice about their applications. 

2010:  Danton Berube, Christopher R. Trudeau, Amanda L. Smith, Alison Kehner & Maryann Robinson (one grant), Jennifer Lear, Michelle Falkoff

2011:  Jacob Carpenter, Christine Cerniglia, Heidi Brown, Sarah J. Morath & Ann Schiavone (one grant), Pam Jenoff

2012:  Debra Austin, Anne E. Ralph, Meehan Rasch

2013: Elizabeth R. Baldwin, Jodi S. Balsam, Amy Bitterman

2014:  Heather D. Baum, Clare Keefe Coleman, Jane Bloom Grise, Christine Venter

A full list of past grant recipients is available here