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The listserv is a closed discussion list intended to provide a forum in which scholars and teachers of legal writing can discuss topics in their field. Started in 1994 as a list for those attending that year's Legal Writing Institute conference held at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, it now has over 1,400 subscribers. More of the history of LRWPROF-L can be found here.  Administration and hosting of LRWPROF-L is provided by Indiana University School of Law. Only professional teachers of legal writing are eligible to subscribe to LRWPROF-L.

If you are an existing member of LWI and would like to subscribe to LRWPROF-L, please click here.

Although you are not required to be a member of LWI in order to subscribe to LRWPROF-L, we encourage you to consider joining LWI to enjoy all the benefits available to our members. Joining is easy, and membership is free.  If you would like to join LWI and subscribe to LRWPROF-L, please click here. If you would like to subscribe to LRWPROF-L without joining LWI, please click here.   

If you are an existing subscriber to LRWPROF-L, you can manage your subscription directly.  Step-by-step instructions for activities like updating your email address, changing to a digest delivery, and unsubscribing are available here.  Subscribers can access archives of all of the messages posted to LRWPROF-L here.  If you need assistance managing your subscription or accessing the LRWPROF-L archives, please contact us at Voluntary guidelines for use by members of the LRWPROF-L listserv can be found here.


LWINET-L is a one-way e-mail distribution list (similar to a newsletter) set up by the Legal Writing Institute to distribute information to members.  LWINET-L is hosted by the Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis. LWINET-L is not a discussion forum. All members of LWI are added to LWINET-L automatically when joining the organization. 

If your preferred e-mail address for membership communications has changed, please click here to update your information.

Writing Advisors and Writing Specialists ( is a listserv for writing advisors and writing specialists who are members of the Legal Writing Institute. To subscribe to the list, send an email to Lori Lamb.

Moot Court Advisors’ Listserv

The Moot Court Advisors' Listserv will serve as a mechanism (a) to gather and disseminate information about law school moot court programs and competitions; and (b) to facilitate communication about moot court among members of the Legal Writing Institute.  To join or for further information, please contact Jim Dimitri, the list manager at 

SSRN Database of Legal Writing Articles

LWI hosts and the specialty legal writing database on SSRN.Com, to which people may subscribe. A subscription will send you news of the most recent uploads of legal writing articles. For questions, please contact Professor Terry Seligmann at Terry.J.Seligmann@DREXEL.EDU.

Legal Writing Professor Blog

The Legal Writing Professor Blog (not officially part of LWI) can be reached at